I'm a legal alien

Temp TX Drivers LicenseIt started with Dec 31st, 2010 - that was the date the DHS Immigration inspector wrote on my I94 when I came back on New Years Eve, I expect he was confused by the date change.

Last Friday I was up at the Texas DPS on South Congress at 7.20 a.m. and in the line. I had to complete a new set of forms as I'd used blue ink, but this turned out to be a judicious mistake since I actually got number A001 for the tests that day. When the office officially opened up at 8am. I was called, I showed all my documents, took the eye test and was given a number to take the written test.

I have to admit I didn't understand how the test was going to be conducted and took a number of "safe guess" answers when it came to Under 17 and drink driving - most of which turned out to be the wrong answer. What I should have done was to skip over these questions. It turns out that you can skip as many questions as you like, and if you get 80% of the total number of questions correct, you don't even have to answer the ones you skipped. If you don't you get to re-do the skipped ones at the end in a last gasp push for the magic 80%.

Anyway, I passed. I got an appointment for 2.30pm the same day for the driving test, came back at 2:15pm, test started promptly with parallel parking. Having seen the guy before me make a complete mess in his ginormous, cruiseliner on wheels car, I decided in my small Hertz rental Nissan I needed to be slick. One, two three and I was in ready to go out on the street, a couple of right turns, a stop sign and two lefts turns later and I was back in the parking lot and passed. Job done.

I called AllState as soon as I got home and Beth Perkins called me back with a qoute and I was insured later that afternoon. Job done. Repeat after me... I'm an alien I'm a legal alien, I'm an Englishman in Austin, I'm an alien I'm a legal alien, I'm an Englishman in Austin - If, "Manners maketh man" as someone said, Then he's the hero of the day, It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile, Be yourself no matter what they say.
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Ah, find Gordon Sumner lyrics:)

Congrats on the drivers license:)

Nissan? What happened to your fine piece of German engineering?
>>Nissan? What happened to your fine piece of German engineering?

It wasn't insured so I couldn't take it for the test, I rented a Hertz car...
*giggles* I hear the Police.. ar ar

Oh & What the hell kinda signature is that? *lol*
I look forward to seeing a legal alien driving insured on the streets :D