A Week in Summary

Starting off by welcoming two new LJFriends, spiderwebs4640  and darcylynne . If you are sure you've got the right triman :-) then welcome along for the ride!

I've been ramping up the training since last w/e but the cold here in Austin put the freeze on things yesterday and today. Last Saturday I did a decent job and riding with the dropped on the Austin tricyclist Saturday ride. Yes, I got dropped off the back as usual, regular readers will remember last years posts around the same time with titles like 4+7=Drop well, it's not much better, but not quite as bad. I'm already at my time for the ride mid-year last year.

After the bike last week, I managed to get around my 2-mile brick without stopping or wlaking, so thats an improvement. Sunday I went out an did a slow, but solid 6-mile run around Town Lake, although the run back up S 1st was a struggle, again I didn't stop. Monday morning saw a thwarted swim at Barton Springs, I had to stop twice on my first length to adjust my goggles, the just didn't seem to be sitting right. Then I found out why, the split right across the nose bridge. D'oh. With no other goggles, I did some front-crawl with my head up, but that gave me neck pain, so I aborted after two lengths of breaststroke, I quit.

I biked home Monday evening in an almost stunning 32-mins from Burnet and Braker to Barton Springs. Given I definitely waited for 4-or-so mins for lights on Burnet and N Lamar, thats definately a PB. It's 12-miles exactly, and although downhill sort-of, would put me in the 26-mins frame for a TT, which is way up there with my best rides. It helped that it was getting dark and cold, and I only had a long sleeve base layer, bike jersey and shorts to ride home in, every incentive to be fast!

Sadly, I woke at 4.30am Tuesday to ride back-in, and I must have left my legs, and my spirit somewhere on the hill back up S 5th. I was no where and struggled to get over 17MPh on the ride back, taking 46-mins. It was cold, wet and I was wearing winter gear. Boo hoo.

I got another 4-mile run in, and then ran into the cold and have done nothing since. Cassidy is in Dallas for a conference this week, we dropped her car off at the car doctors on the way to the airport, so I may have to collect when she arrives back in the morning. So training for the w/e looks like this.

Fri 23:30 Bed
Sat 08:00 6-mile run
Sun sometime - 32-mile ride, maybe swim at Barton Springs late afternoon.

Next-up: door64.com Austin LinkedIn Happy Hour (email or post for details) - Thursday 24th, 5.30pm
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You're not doing the frost yer fanny du? It'll be a toasty 27 degrees tomorrow morning... Awful awful awful.
Nah, with my knees and legs, why on earth would I do a race where I had to run twice! Good luck, duathlons are not for me...