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USA Triathlon rankings for 2007

OK, lets get the excuses out of the way first. 2007 was my first full year as a USA Triathlete. It was mostly a fun season, no real focus, some early season injury problems and no real race plan, except that half way through the year my planned A-race was canceled. Oh yes, and the legendary Joe Boness is in my age group, but heck he looks much older ;-)

I checked the USAT rankings website and things can only go up from here. I was ranked  1,132 overall, 897th at Olympic distance and 775th at short distance. Not bad until you realize that these rankings were in my age group. I guess I never expected to make top-5% and All American honors but geeze. America must be a big country, at least I'll never have to make the national team!

There was some good news, I was in the top-50% pretty much in all the rankings except Olympic/Intermediate distance, where I was 897 out of 1501. This years focus on sprint will help my short distance placing, but won't help overall. Given Aquabike or Clydesdale are not even a recognized categories, thats blown my chances for 2008.

If you did a minimum of three races, you should sow up in the USAT rankings. You can look up yourself, your age group or pretty much anything else at

Just don't ask me to explain them. Here are my races, the most you can really tell from these is that

at my best race, I was only 64% of the winners time.

[Update: Much better news, overall in all age groups in USAT national rankings I was 381st Mark, but the best news is I was #1 Cathcart in the national rankings, a clear 5-points ahead of Ian, who despite having the same name as my cousin, isn't related!]
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