USA Triathlon rankings for 2007

OK, lets get the excuses out of the way first. 2007 was my first full year as a USA Triathlete. It was mostly a fun season, no real focus, some early season injury problems and no real race plan, except that half way through the year my planned A-race was canceled. Oh yes, and the legendary Joe Boness is in my age group, but heck he looks much older ;-)

I checked the USAT rankings website and things can only go up from here. I was ranked  1,132 overall, 897th at Olympic distance and 775th at short distance. Not bad until you realize that these rankings were in my age group. I guess I never expected to make top-5% and All American honors but geeze. America must be a big country, at least I'll never have to make the national team!

There was some good news, I was in the top-50% pretty much in all the rankings except Olympic/Intermediate distance, where I was 897 out of 1501. This years focus on sprint will help my short distance placing, but won't help overall. Given Aquabike or Clydesdale are not even a recognized categories, thats blown my chances for 2008.

If you did a minimum of three races, you should sow up in the USAT rankings. You can look up yourself, your age group or pretty much anything else at

Just don't ask me to explain them. Here are my races, the most you can really tell from these is that

at my best race, I was only 64% of the winners time.

[Update: Much better news, overall in all age groups in USAT national rankings I was 381st Mark, but the best news is I was #1 Cathcart in the national rankings, a clear 5-points ahead of Ian, who despite having the same name as my cousin, isn't related!]
You know, one time I managed to make that page actually show me my results for the year, but never since. I don't know why, but no matter what combination of things I select from those dropdowns returns no results. Maybe it's a Safari problem...

I think my roommate and I are going to do (and dominate) the Couples triathlon... ;) Should be fun...
Sadly I'd need a woman twice as fast as yours to have any chance of beating you... but thats a good reminder to start my annual search for a woman :-)

As far as I can see you were little better than me overall in your age group, 1720th with a 70.16639 average. Thats probably though more to do with th fact you only have 3-events registered, Austin, Lonhorn, Marble Falls. For Intermediate you came in 966th

The trick is to ONLY search on AG and sex, leave everything else blank. Then use Find(ctrl-f?) to find yourself in the rankings.

So like me for 2008, the only way is up! Sky lounge on the 1st? Nah, I guess you serious types have to go to bed early ;-)
Haha yes, I'm usually in bed before 11 (actually 10 normally), even (especially) on weekends. Derek did ask me the other day when we're going to another techno show (I took him to Gabriel & Dresden) so maybe the 1st would be fun. Actually, that's the day before Tour of New Braunfels, a bike race we're super excited about, so maybe that's not such a good time. I really do need to get out again though... Been awhile.

I really have tried everything, even just the AG and sex and the results don't show up. Though I do remember when I did get it that one time (months ago) it seemed like that was the case...

Derek and I would be in the friends-male category, and though my girlfriend is fast, she doesn't know it and is terrified of the bike so I don't think she'll be racing with me. :) Good call using it as motivation to find a woman... Better than being motivated by Valentine's day =)
Aha, I have a (good woman) for valentines, I just need one for the race! See my skirt chaser picture!

As for Feb 1st, yeah you young guys take it all too seriously. When Darren was over for the Longhorn, he was the same.

If you want to email me off the top of my livejournal banner, I'll send you a CD with the gratecrasher memorial mix on, 140-mins of great turbo/spin/bike trainer music!

So, you never answered, any ideas on the cause of your ITB problems??
I sure wish I could make that page work. No matter what I search for I get an error that "No results meet these criteria."

I tried searching only for my name, then my USAT number, then I just tried F 30-34. What did you do to search for yourself? I tried more restrictive, less restrictive. I pretty much tried everything.
Yeah the instructions and system isn't that intuitive, see my instructions to Justin above. The trick to getting your place is just to use the age group and sex, nothing else. The trick to getting your races is to use your name first/last nothing else and select show race details.

You finished 957th in your ag, with a 68.45827 for Intermediate. Overall you were 1551st in your age group, but you made the podium on a name basis, you were the 3rd Summer in your age group. Unfortunately neither Justin or I did.
hey! try selecting "previous year". that did the trick for me after I about bashed my head into the wall.