Wow, Palm classaction lawsuit

A couple of times during my ownership of my Treo 650 I suggested that a class action lawsuit might be in order, given the rate of failure of the headphone socket(mine failed twice, both times within the warranty period, but each time cost me $25 in PP), and the second time when spending the best part of a day rebuilding from the latest software build, after repair, only to find specific Treo 650 function missing, only to be told by Palm Tech Support "too bad, you should use the version off the original CD", when I was in NY, and the CD was at home in the UK.

I stopped using the Treo sometime mid-year last year when the microphone stopped working. Everything else was still good. Imagine my surprise then when I just got an email notifying me of exactly that, a Class Action lawsuit "The lawsuit claimed that the Treo 600 and Treo 650 smartphones had certain defects, failed at unacceptable rates, and that Palm made misrepresentations concerning the Treo 600 and Treo 650 smartphones."

According to my first reading I can get either $50 cash, or send the Treo650 for repair. Hmm lets think... $50 or a working machine I can sell on ebay for around $100, unless ebay gets flooded with reconditioned Treo650's - d'oh choices, choices.