A game of two halves and a look back to 1976

Well I arranged to meet effendi  at 8.15am out near Walter e Long park for a 60-mile bike ride. Having packed up the training bike I set off on a clear, if a little chilly morning on S 1st, it looked like it was going to be a great day.

When I got onto 183 it was a bit foggy, onto MLK and it was foggy up on Decker Lane it was like London in the 1950's, or so I'm told, you could barely see a 100ft. I waited at the meeting point, chatting to Mum and Dad on the phone. Effendi showed up, we looked at each other, stood outside the cars for 5-mins and then decided to sit in my car and wait for the fog to burn off, but it didn't. At 8.40 we decided to cancel and go home, back along 183 it started to clear up and back at home it was great.

I changed into my run gear and set off down S 1st. I had on the MP3 player, a BBC London radio show about 1976. For anyone in the UK that was probably between about 10-23, 1976 was the best year ever. IT was in the high 80's and some days in the 90's for 40-some odd days, no rain. It was when when real funk/disco music was king, not the poppy rubbish that came late in the 70's and killed disco. Staying Alive, Saturday Night Fever and the Bee Gees hadn't happened yet but punk was just about to.

I had the best run, somewhat slow and rumbling, but laughing and remembering back in the day. 1976 was certainly one of my best years. I was working Sundays at Wembley market selling pub mirrors, doing Saturday evenings as a gopher for Greg Edwards at Capital Radio, the first black/soul/funk DJ in London, just starting to come into my own in computers; working shifts I had time during the day, I used to take my enduro bike over to the old quarry in Dunstable and race mornings, work on jumps, ride back after lunch, wash up and go work in the computer room. If I remember correctly(possibly not) that was the year I first worked on VM/370 at P&O Computer Services, and playing Woods/Crowthers original Adventure game on night shift.

Ahh yes, 1976 was the year, and as I lumbered back up S 1st, I wondered, where had that cold, foggy morning gone. It's a beautiful day!

BBC Radio London 1976 with Robert Elms and Jo Good on Listen Again
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Oh how awesome! I love this post. 1976 was a good year for me, but don't ask me to remember any of the details. ;)

Sorry that your ride didn't turn out. Jay was pretty bummed.