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Rome not built in a day, Athens not finished for the Olympics?

Snyders Pulitzer prize Barcelona Diving picture
Well the doom mongers were out in strength last year when there was the slightest chance the venues for the 2004 Olympics wouldn't be ready... Well the first crack has appeared and the plaster isn't even set.

It's official, they've abandoned plans to put a roof on the Olympic swimming pool. Given the searing temperatures and glaring sun in Greece in August, means events will have to be rescheduled. This is to avoid the hotest time of the day, and also from the potential glare from the Sun at its highest which could effect both competitors and TV coverage.

Of course in the '92 Olympics in Barcelonda the diving pool with no roof gave us those stunning TV pictures of athletes diving off of a board and appearing to fly in mid-air against a backdrop of Barcelona. The picture above is William Synders Pulitzer prize Sport News Photography winner of US Diver Mary Ellen Clarke... So no roof might be a positive!

With some 150 days to go its reported that more than half the venues are still not finished and the main Olympic stadium isn't even scheduled to be finished until 3-weeks before the opening.

[Reuters report:Athens Pool Roof Scrapped Due to Time Pressure]

Still up for a 3-days visit to watch the Olympic triathlons if anyone can come up with a non-wallet busting way to get there... its not that I can't afford it, I just don't see why I should!
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