SoFi - It's my village

After this mornings aborted bike and then hastily scheduled run, I changed, grabbed my laundry bag and walked my village. I started out walking up to Fair Trade coffee for a large Americano, crossed and went into End of an Ear and bought the new SIA CD; then it was a quick browse through a few of the vintage shops, down past Secret Oktober to Capital Dry Cleaners, drop off and pick-up, take a stroll back up the West Side of S 1st. When I get to the Corner of W Annie and S 1st there is an excited young couple, they've just discovered the "Welcome to Austin" mural painted on the side of Roadhouse Relics and wanted their picture taken, I obliged.

I walked to the auto/car/scrap yard that is around the back of my house to see if "Penguino" would do some welding for me, for a piece of art I'm working on. Then went to Sinsations to pick-up some fun Valentines things and finally short cut back across Polvos parking lot and back to the house. Yep, like John Travolta in the opening scene of Saturday Night Fever, South 1st is my "manor", my village. You can't beat living in a place where you can walk, it has a life of it's own.

Sofi "Must See's"on Yelp

and no, I never really call it SoFi.
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Good times!
Glad you managed to hit the town after our aborted ride!
Re: Good times!
Yeah, dunno why I didn't just suggest coming back to my place and riding out bast Buda and back, it was great today! Try again next weekend ? Sunday would be better for me, it's disco night Friday!
Re: Nice
Doing fine thanks Oscar. Early season sees the usual ackes and pains of an old man trying to get fit again. I'm finally going to see Hangar Prosthetics this week about getting some running shoes made.

I've been reading your entries about your leg injury and have my fingers crossed for you. I can't imagine even facing a half marathon off the the training you've done.

When you are ready to start cycling again, give me a call.
Re: Nice
hey there is a Leaket trip in April....I'll send you the invite.
I'll start cycling perhaps after Feb 17th....easy base. You are a stronger cyclist ..have to wait for me.