I met Mr Angry this morning - Good ride!

I met Mr Angry this morning, and he was driving a sheriffs car. I was right out south of Austin, making my way out to the Old San Antonio road. As I approached a main rd, I slowed, slowed as there was a long line of traffic, I slowed again, stood up, balanced the bike just before the STOP line, balanced and could see clear space, went.

About 3-minutes later, without sirens, a cop pulled alongside me. He said to pull into the next drive, which I did. I dismounted completely, he stopped behind me and walked up. He was a BIG guy, old school m-frame oakleys, I'd guess mid-50's, but looking older. He asked me if I had a reason to jump the stop sign?

I was bit a surprised but didn't argue, said yes sir, no sir and was as polite as I could be. I knew I was on a loser when he said that a stop for a bike meant putting at least one foot down. The irony of being stopped by a draftbuster in an old school triathlon wasn't lost on me. He told me that cyclists are too quick to complain and bleat when someone gets hit, but we need to obey the rules too. I guess I couldn't disagree.

After he explained it was a $200 fine, or my life if I was hit by a 5000lb vehicle, he told me if he saw me do it again, next time he wouldn't let me off. It's a difficult enough stop sign and main road to left onto, having to wait for a big enough gap that you can start, clip-in and go. I guess it's time for a change of route.

The ride turned out to be some 44-miles. Since it was such a fantastic day, I took big red, wore just a cycling jersey and shorts(RLX) and no socks. As I blasted through Buda with 26-miles on the clock, there were 3-reasonable cyclists going the other way. I figured I'd keep going for another 10-minutes and then turn back and chase them back to Austin.

I caught the first of the 3 just as we approached Stassney, and the other two just across the other side of the lights, it was a bit of a cheat though, since they'd obviously slowed right down to wait for the other guy. Still, great ride, have not uploaded the Garmin data yet, but to be confirmed, as whyiron would say:

Geekmeter stats: 44-miles, Avergae MPH 18.6 followed by a decent 2-mile brick run. Looking good so far for Lone Star.
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Lame. We blow through stop signs all the time (dumb) and yeah. That would be awful. I got a ~$200 ticket in CA though on my bike for running a stop sign and so have definitely been there. At least he did let you off though...
44 miler
I've heard about the $200 tickets, be careful.
Glad you had a nice ride , keep riding strong!
That totally blows! I hate stopping if I don't have cross traffic in any direction. I hate having to unclip for no reason - especially out in the country areas. In major metropolitan areas I can understand that. However, even in San Jose, CA where the expressways have long gaps in the traffic I'll take advantage and not slow down if I don't have opposing traffic to deal with.

One of the reasons I am going to change back to regular peddles and take the clips off is because of the propensity to FALL OVER if I can't get unclipped fast enough when a light changes too quickly! BLAH!

Sorry about your experience. However, sounds like the rest of the day went well. You training for WildFlower this year?
It's not the unclipping thats the problem, everyone falls off once or twice but you can loosen the grip from most brands of pedals to the point where they don't pull out but do come out easily with a slight flick of the ankle.

I only did Wildflower back in 2003, and everything went wrong including a busted front wheel, over eat giving me stomach terrible stomach cramps, it was also the rain year, the run course was changed to include the big hill twice. One year I'll be back to do it again, but not this year.

I'll probably do two half distance races this year, both here in Texas. The Lone Star in April and the Longhorn in November! Are you doing Wildflower?

by the way, karmasj... great!
F*ck that
it's bullshit, simple as that. I'm sorry you got hassled.

I wonder how many cars come to a complete and full stop - you know, the kind when the car actually rocks backward?

Re: F*ck that
Forget that. I wonder how many times drivers stick their feet out on the pavement to prove they've stopped.

Sorry you got pulled over for that shit. and that's what I believe it is. It's one thing to blow a stop sign, but if you slow down a lot to be safe I don't see why you have to come to a complete, foot-requiring stop.