Run for cover - Bomb scare!

I got home from my 40-mile bike ride this morning, freewheeled down Live Oak, ready to make a left onto S 1St. Oh no... there are cops there, some emergency vehicle, I signaled to the officer that I wanted to go down S 1st, she verbally replied it was either South on S 1st or straight across, so I doubled back and cut through my 'hood to get back the house.

A quick transition and a 2-mile run later and I was back and they were still there, a few more emergency vehicles, including the bomb squad!  My first reaction was that some one had had one helping too many of Polvos food, especially the beans and had exploded similar to Mr Creosote in Monty Pythons Meaning of Life.

I walked to the officer sitting in his car at the north end of the closed off block and asked. He said there was I suspicious package, I turned to walk back home, but stopped and said "it wasn't jammed under sinsations mail box was it?" he said, yes.

Turns out yesterday on my usual walk, I went up to fair trade coffee, and when I walked back down, I noticed small brown box jammed under Sinsations mail box and hadn't thought any more about it! Whoops. At least I assume if it was a bomb, either the timer was on a long delay, or it had failed to go off, as it was now some 28-hours later!

Interestingly the cop wasn't the slightest bit interested in me when I told him I'd seen the package...
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