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Weekend Warrior does Mardi gras 5k

Cassidy reminded me that every weekend I say I'm going to get into my proper training program, but so far I'm a weekend warrior. On the other hand it doesn't seem to be doing me any harm.

Saturday morning I walked the 'hood, got coffee from Fair trade, picked up laundry and it was so great, rather than go for a long run, I decided to jump on my bike, go down to runtex and register for the Mardi Gras 5k and race.

For some reason I had in my mind that it was down off Town Lake, east of I35. So it was around 2pm I got the race details out and discovered that it was actually off Barton Creek Blvd. and they were asking for Car pooling. Since it was such a great day I decided to take an easy ride over. I arrived at 3.40pm, picked up my chip, found somewhere to padlock the bike, changed into my running shoes, did a few stretches and then it was time to go to the start line.

When I thought the race was over on the east of I35, I figured it would be flat and fast. Since I was in Texas Hill country now, I knew it wouldn't be. The start lineup was awful, what is it with people with dogs and strollers that think its ok to line-up right at the front? Yeah, sure is a fun run, but every run has it's race!

I made it to the first turn in the top 100, and pushed hard down the first hill to the next turn into a private gated community, after the fisrt mile my breathing wasn't getting any easier and a quick glance at the Garmin, my heart rate was at 167, or max! I pushed on keeping as fast as I could rounded the corner into a big hill and had to walk for a few steps, just ahead of me was Paul Carrozza owner of RunTex, but to be honest he wasn't racing but coercing his young son, who was also in front of me..

As we turned the last corner to head back to the school, Paul commented that my run was unbalanced and he could probably help, I garbled a few quick words and he said to email him. I raced for the finish line and got their in 24:34. Just 29-seconds off my PR for a 5k, not bad given I had cycled out there.

I checked the results, I was 6th(out of 11) in the 50-54 age group, prizes were 3-deep, and so it was time to set off home as the sun would be going down. A good ride home, overall an excellent start to the "race" season. 74th out of 356 even if a bunch were fun runners, and superstar store owners coaching their kids!

I'm not sure if the Garmin is acting up, or I didn't push the right buttons, but no technical data from the race, or more disappointingly yesterdays 44-mile ride. So the weekends efforts yielded 69-mile cycling, 5.2-miles running and the first farmers tan of the season on my arms!

Full results here.
NEXT UP: Probably the Star flight 5k, but maybe the Leakey Death Ride
Tags: 5k, races, running
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