Steppin' up

I've been procrastinating for a while, but I eventually got my act together. Yesterday I went to see Richard at Hangar prosthetics and today I saw Bill Stone and Paul Carrozza at RunTex.

Richard was pretty informal and laid back. Didn't really take any measurements until we'd agreed that rather than go straight to making a shoe for me, the best thing would be to build-up a cheap shoe, and see how I got on. He was convinced that I'd struggle to start with, possibly trip and that I should only run on an athletics track. Cost of the appointment: Covered by insurance. Cost of shoes: $56.20 + as Richard put it a pair of cheap shoes from Walmart.

Bill was a little more thoughtful, when I met him at RunTex Riverside this morning he helpfully had a size-13 right shoe built-up 1-inch for another customer. It was an interesting exercise, Bill basically had me try the other guys shoes, talked me through what the options are, had me run across the store a couple of times and declared that it was fairly straight forward, we just had to decide how much to build the shoe up by. To Do this Bill looked at my hips in parallel in bare feet, with the other guys shoes on, and then with my current orthotic in the other guys shoes. Cost of consultation: Zero/nothing; cost of shoes $200+ASICS shoes.

Strangely, in very different ways, they both seem competent. While Simon Costain who did my current set-up had all the gadgets, video'd me on the treadmill, had pressure pads for me to stand-on, took plaster casts of my feet etc. and everything else you'd expect from a Harley St GB Olympic Team podiatrist, I never really got the feeling he understood my problem.

So, what to do? Easy, I'm going to go with both and see how they work out.
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nice strategy
kind of like having two pairs of shoes to switch between when training for long runs. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out. In any case, I'm hoping none of these options will cause you pain.
Re: nice strategy
Thanks, hard to imagine things could get worse. The only thing I'm really worried about the Richard seemed to get, and unsurprisingly since he deals with vets who've had parts of their legs blown off or otherwise removed, is that it will mess my back up. Bill never even discussed problems or issues.

I've been how I am now for 6-years, and for 10-years before that managed without anything after surgery, and then for 12-years before that after the major break. So after 28-years, it's going to be weird to have legs the same length while running.

I'm not really sure how I'll start one I have shoes, I think maybe drive down to Town Lake or take the bus, do an easy loop and see how my back feels. If everything is ok, I'll go full out for the Star Flight 5k, if its problems, I'll take it easy and build up, skipping the Star Flight and aiming to be ready for the Lone Star sprint.

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