I'm ready

Well the weekend warrior has left the building. As always a public display of my weaknesses, posting to my LiveJournal that I'd really only been training at the weekends, was enough to shame me into action. The only question, how long will I keep it up. I did something every day last week except Thursday which was a planned rest day, and Saturday I did core work. Aka worked on the yard!

Friday evening I had a terrific run down South 1st, a short loop between the Lamar footbridge and S 1st and back home. I got around this almost 3-minutes quicker than ever before. After Saturdays yard work, Sunday I was up early and out on the bike, I took the long and winding road out to the Seattles Best Coffee on the I35 frontage at San Marcos.

Not the usual route, I went out all the way down West Gate, over to Brodie and all the way to the bottom, then out onto the I35 frontage road, its nicer pavement, faster and has two ok hills. Once at Buda I zigzagged around eventually get back on the frontage road and down to Seattles best. The out part was 40.5-miles completed in 2:20:10

I had coffee and a muffin, called my Mum/Dad for a chat and then set off back home. I was going to have to push it all the way, I had a 2pm appointment with Cassidy, Chris and the Kitty City crew for Korean food! I headed back the most direct route, Old Stagecoach Rd onto Old San Antonio, onto S 1st. Anyone that has ridden the route, especially coming out of San Marcos, knows that Stagecoach is a terrible road.

I still managed a decent pace for most of the ride, coming back I was 34-miles in 2:09:24. I lept off the bike arriving home, had time(well not really) for a quick 1.5-mile brick and my legs felt OK and then it was into the shower and out. Lunch was good, Korea House, north central Austin by the Alamo.

Over all I was disappointed that I couldn't negative split on the way back, especially over the slightly shorter distance. But then considering the road surfaces etc. its not so bad. Overall MPH 16.1 - I have some work to do, but based on that ride and Fridays run, I'm ready foir the season. Much work to do on the swim yet but still plenty of time.

My plan is to swim tonight on the way home. Tuesday will be my day off this week as I have the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association meeting. The only downside so far is my sleep hasn't been great. It's a classic symptom of over training :-(
Thanks, for my first ride over 45-miles this year I was very pleased. I was doing it as a test for the Spoke and Spurs ride/5k, but since I did so well I've decided I don't need to aim at that as a target.

I'm on the fence about the Lone Star tri. You doing it ??
I'm going to do the sprint Saturday, and was going to do just the Aquabike sunday... but am really tempted to go for the full 70.3

Whats about the Marathon or Half? I'll be out chearing at the corner of S 1st and Polvos!! See you then ??
I'm doing the Sprint on the Sat. and the Quarter on the Sunday (not the 70.3).

I'm doing the marathon this Sunday. If things are going to plan I'll be somewhere between the 3:30 pace sign and the 3:40 pace sign coming down S 1st. The closer to the 3:30 pace sign I am, the louder you have to tell me to slow down!?!