On a roll - Love being a rookie

So Friday I had my best run ever over a 4-mile course, Sunday I had a rocking bike, tonight I got through 8-lengths at Barton Springs almost 2-mins faster than any time in the last 6-months. However, it's just like being a rookie again.

That 2nd year of triathlon fools most people, first year they struggle at pretty much everything, but have great fun. Over the closed season they train hard, learn lots of new tricks and the 2nd year the time come falling off. And so it is when you've taken the best part of 3-months off training, I've gone through the feeling weak phase, the recovery phase and now I'm in the strength phase. Shame my first event is almost 5-weeks away, next up is the overuse/injury phase...

Totals for January 2007:
Swimming: 1.30-miles
Cycling: 135-miles, 8:29-hrs, 15.9MPH
Running: 33.81-miles, 5:30hrs, 9:46 pace
you forgot the falling off phase!
I seem to be going through it at the moment, 8 stitches on my chin a cracked helmet and sore head on Tiesday! Will be back to ride on Sunday though.

Glad to hear its going well, do you think it could be anything to do with the weather being cooler? I couldnt face training and racing week in week out in that heat you had in October.
Re: you forgot the falling off phase!
Wow, yes I just read about your falling off... glad it was too bad though.

Yes, definitely nicer now it cool. The weekend ride was almost like a British Summer day... October was really much better, next time come over and do a race in July or August, actually there aren't many races in July and August, and thats why!

Be careful out there Darren!