Speedos: getting your knickers in a twist

Thorpe in Addidas swim suitIn some parts of the US turning up to swim in Speedos during the famaily day hours(10-4) will get you funny looks, people whispering about your sexual orientation or or worse still, excluded.

The Australians are getting all upset for a different reason though. A blatant commercial trick to try to link swim-god, Ian Thorpe, with the new Speedo costumes provided for the Australian Olympic swim team.

As any red blooded German knows, Thorpe is locked-down for the Olympics by Addidas and their new speed suit. Thorpe and his team have applied to use this rather than the official Speedos as he did at the last Olympics.

Turns out at the press launch for the official Speedos, the official consultant Scientist there to provide scientific support for the claim that Speedos make you swim faster was asked a set-up question if the speedos would make Thorpe swim faster...

At which point former Australian men's swim coach Brian Sutton stormed out of a press conference. Oh dear... the lengths some companies will go to.
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