Barton Springs - Dunno about weird, its fantastic

I couldn't explain Barton Springs to someone who'd never been there, never been to Austin.

I arrived at 6:45pm, when I went poolside they were a young couple doing yoga exercises, only one person in the water and he got out while I was changing. When I got in about 6:50, I was the only person in the pool. 8-Lengths make about 1.12-miles. I breezed the first four alone in the pool. The water was perfectly still, clear, dark, and lit by the spot lights.

By the time I'd finished 4-lengths or two up and down, there was a female triathlete putting her wetsuit on, by the time I'd done 6-lengths she was in but swimming on the opposite side. When I stopped after 8-lengths I was surprised, but not shocked to find a woman standing in the shallow end topless. She waited until the other swimmer came back, they exchanged a few niceties, the triathlete said "Aren't you cold?" - shortly after which they swam off together.

Over on the side of the pool, the young couple had graduated to moves I can't even describe, Yes, it wasn't anything unusual, just another evening at Barton Springs!


[The pool can be seen in the last 3rd of this you tube video]
Awesome. That sounds so perfect... Do you wear a wetsuit there?
No, I never use a wetsuit for training. So my reply in this thread:

The water at Barton Springs is cold enough for a wetsuit, but once you get used to it, its easier to swim without. Less stuff etc... mostly after training in one in the UK and mostly always racing in one over there, I got pretty quick taking it off, but for anything less than HIM/70.3 it wasn't buying me more time in the swim than I was losing in transition.
Yeah, good old Barton Springs
I had never seen a topless woman hoola-hoop until Barton Springs.

Good times.
It is a great place to swim, sadly at the peak swim times its so busy and with no lane lines its easy to get face planted. whyiron pointed out that its closing next Tuesday for 3-weeks for spring cleaning... just when I got started... d'oh.

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