triman (triman) wrote,

Riding home

I didn't get to  leave work until 8.15 tonight, not a great time to cycle home. However, I did manage to cycle through the building to get out, which was kinda fun.

Turns out to have been quite windy although not as cold as it was riding in this morning. The wind was up and I struggled in most sections down Burnet to average over 20MPH. Add to that I still had to stop at a few lights and I didn't expect to be fast.

So when I got down to Barton Springs Rd I was surprised to see 34:20 on my stop watch for the 12.5-miles. I can only put this down to the lack of traffic, it meant I could slow approaching red or changing lights, and then sprint flat out when they changed.

I need to get a proper white front light that is static and points directly forward. I've done all my winter mileage, and tonight, on the cheap winter training wheels I bought last year, so far so good.

Hello to Roc n ray, good to know you are reading!
Tags: cycling, training
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