triman (triman) wrote,

AT&T Marathon cheering Squad and Sunday ride

Good luck to my my LJFriends especially Mr Austin 6-pack,  triathletebigo who are doing Sundays AT&T Austin Marathon and the half... I'll be out on S 1st around the 3 1/2 mile mark, by Polvos to cheer you on. I'll probably only stick around for the first 45-mins or so as it gets a bit difficult to see people once the first bunch of people have gone through and we are onto the pack.

If you want to run down the left side of the road, and let me know about what time you'll be through 3 1/2 miles you can also drop things off with me if you want to collect later in the day! I'll leave them in the rear porch and you can collect anytime.

For those not running, anyone want to ride early Sunday?

I guess I'll be leaving around 8.15am, plan to do 70-miles or so from South Austin. I'm happy to ride with you, I'll be sprinting a few sections but only for a couple of miles and will be happy to double back if you can't keep up or don't want to. email me or use LJText to send me a txt message, don't forget to include your cell number.
Tags: austin, life, training
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