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What a difference a week makes

I was up and out early camped out on the corner of S 1st and W Johanna at La Mexicana bakery to watch the marathon. I had breakfast, a chair and my go Big O! sign. After a while waiting, alkaloids  and a few other cyclists showed up. I had time to get coffee before the first athletes came flying by, followed by the masses. Always impressed by the various people and body shapes running in things like the 3-hour, 3:30 pace groups. Very pleased/surprised to see a number of team GB runners go by.

Sure enough, triathletebigo  came through, I expected him a bit sooner but he was looking good, we waited around for another 15-mins or so and I turned to alkaloids  after his g/f had come through, and asked "so what are you doing?" - Justin said he was riding with me. Slight panic and off I went to get ready. A few minutes later and we were off, I didn't really have time to check my bike over, and just grabbed some warm clothes. Once we got going we talked a bit and pushed on down Westgate, onto Brodie all the way down to Manchaca, out to the I35 Frontage road down to Kyle, and then on to the Seattles Best at San Marcos. My impression was we'd taken it easy for the first 12-miles or so but then picked it up significantly. We got to Seattles best in 2:28, which was 7-mins slower than last week. Go figure.

After coffee, cake and sat in the sun we set off back. On the way here my bike had developed a rattle, after some experimenting, I worked out it was my saddle, especially in the lumpy ride into/out of San Marcos. Anyway, just out of San Marcos, I stood up to push up a slight gradient, and my back wheel came out of the frame. After some fiddling and examination, I decided the quick release skewer worked loose. IT was never right though all the way back and needs to be looked at.

After that things were never right. It seems I have a ride like this every year. I need to do some work on it. However, we pushed on, alkaloids did a few sprints and was looking strong. However after about 60-miles I started to get cramps, these ebbed and flowed all the way back and hurt like heck when I got home. I put this down to not drinking enough, and to the heat especially down in San Marcos where it was in the low Seventies when we set off back.

The ride took 4:53 for the 72-miles, with a few stops, so almost 20-mins slower than last week, same route, same bike,with no problems, and less wind - what a difference a week makes.

I went for a short run but just didn't have it. Legs too tired, I was hungry. So walked the block, bought two bags of ice, had a quick warm shower and then sat in an ice bath over my thighs for 20-mins with a large mug of hot chocolate milk. Weight after ride 203lbs, probably down 7lbs. I really had a hard time warming up afterwards in bed, finally got up around 4.30pm to start on chores.

Feel fine this morning, probably still a little dehydrated, legs a bit tight but going for a last long swim at Barton Springs tonight. Will need to set aside one evening to work on my bike. THANKS TO alkaloids for the ride, especially waiting around for me for the last 12-miles. Same again next weekend!
Tags: cycling, sanmarcos, training
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