End of an Era - Really

In the mail yesterday I got my annual "thank you" from American Airlines. My Platinum AA Advantage membership card.

Why is the end of an era? This marks the first year since 2001 that I have not been Executive Platinum. It reflects that I have some balance back in my life and that I didn't spend huge amounts of my personal time last year flying places. According to American, I've done 2,281,552 miles with them. Since before that I was GOLD(top level) on British Airways and Royal(top level) on KLM/Northwest, I figure I've flown around 3-million miles.

A huge amount of that was on my personal time, early mornings, late evenings, Sundays to be ready for Mondays etc. Yes corporate/business travel can be fun but at what cost?

Well simply put, say your flight averages 400MPH, many of mine were long transatlantic flights so thats not unreasonble. The averages don't include arrival/luggage time and sitting on the runway. Simple math tells me that 3000000/400= 312 days of my life on planes at 24-hours per day. Put another way, assuming flying only consumed 10-hours per day, I travelled every day for 2-years. Add to that time to get to the airport, check-in, collect luggage on arrival, drive home, it's depressing.

Since I've traveled over 2-million miles with american, as far as I'm aware thats Platinum for life, nice if you can get it, beware what you have to give up though.
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it's nice to hear that things have settled down for you.
I still expect to be up to NY a couple of times this year, maybe we can meet-up one day.
I'll hit 2MM soon! Maybe this year. :D

Lifetime platinum... awww yeah! 2MM was the point at which I always said I'd be retiring.

However I was only EXP 3 times, not nearly as many as you!
yeah but there are so many Exec Plats that Plat means nothing, sorry to rain on your parade.

Its nice to get those luggage tags that say 2mm though, even if they are platinum ;-)
eh, what? Regardless of whether you're EXP or PLT, you still get called to board at the same time. You also still get the same bonus. In fact, i think a positive difference is that as platinum, you get to earn upgrades usable for others, while as EXP, you can't earn upgrades for others other than VIPOW.

I'd say there have got to be fewer EXP's out there than in 2002, when I first hit it, FAIR AND SQUARE. (I'm not bitter, no not at all.)
Re: I'm so low end
yes and in retrospect I'd rather be you than me... well maybe not, but you understand my point... no offense meant... oh I'm digging a big hole... time to get my coat...
I've got about 1.5 lifetime miles - just on a crapload of airlines.

No worries, I know what you meant though :D
EXEC Plat don't get VIPOW, nor do they get the real no-blackout award bookings. Thats almost the best as far as I'm concerned. Not sure if PLAT can select the exit seats when booking online either... those are the top-3 for me, along with access to the Flagship lounge at Heathrow and Chicago... but since I'm not flying as much I don't so much care... I'll look on jealously though when I get to Heathrow next time... and maybe try to slip in with last years EXEC PLAT...
With VIPOW, I have yet to use one for myself on an international flight, or even going to Hawaii. Almost always I'm using miles for those flights, because the cost using miles is usually tons less than the cost using dollars. In fact, I have 4 VIPOWs expiring in 7 days if I don't do something about it.

You can select exit seats when you're gold. You only need status for that.

Flagship lounge is nice, but I don't fly international all that often. And usually if so, it's through Dallas which doesn't have it, I believe.

So really, I'd say the biggest thing I'm losing is access to the Executive Platinum desk. That's the real big benefit for me.

And maybe I'll drop some pounds being in coach more often. I won't be ordering all those Maker's n Cokes!

To me the odd thing about Executive Platinum is that you've got to work hard for it and you don't get the benefit of it until the next year usually, and so you have to have two heavy travel years in a row to A) get it and B) really benefit from it.

(sorry for the double post)