Big boy down - Abandon ship!

My run training is going well, I rotate through long slow run(7-8 miles), recovery run(4-miles) and hard 5k. Friday evenings hard 5k worked out very well indeed, I came in a full 30-seconds faster than I'd ever done the S1st-South side, Lamar Footbridge, North Side, S1st Bridge and back up S1st loop before.

The same can't be said for my cycling. I've been getting the mileage in, having some good rides, but the last two weekends have not been great ones, last weekend I had a few "technical problems", this weekend I figured a Saturday long ride, followed by Sunday long run was on the schedule. I didn't eventually suit up and leave on big-red until 12:30 and it seemed a great day as I left downtown.

By the time I did a right on Redd though something didn't feel right. I got through to the end of West gate, although not as fast as normal, and on my way down Brodie, I stopped to take this picture, and it said it all. Yep it was a very windy day and the big boy was down.

After battling into the wind for 20-miles down on the frontage road of I35 by Buda, I decided there was no way I was going all the to San Marcos, I wouldn't be back before dark. So I headed into old-town Buda, got through the back roads and back onto Broadie, West Gate and home.

It was definitely the wind, although I didn't sail up the first part of Broadie as quick as I have, heading back into town I was easily able to crank 24-27MPH. My fastest 5-miles was after turning from fm967 onto fm1626 and then Brodie, averaged 21.7MPH and only 69% of MAXHR, where as the hardest 5-miles was the West Gate down to Brodie, which was 76% MAXHR but only got a 13.9AVG MPH.

On arrival home I did my standard brick run. Followed by wandering over to the store for a bottle of cold chocolate milk. It was nearly 5pm, lunched missed, breakfast missed, mostly, I had to hurry as I had a date for cookout/bbq with the kitty city crew.

In the end I failed to exercise Sunday. It was the first time this month I've missed a planned training day. However, it was Marissa's birthday brunch and I was out early doing errands. After the brunch Cassidy and I worked on cleaning up my rear porch. Nice job. That done I did my US 2007 Tax Questionnaire form for E&Y. It took forever, I hate it. But its submitted ontime and as far as I'm aware thats the last time I ever have to submit that way!

STATS: 40-miles, 2:45-mins, AVG MPH 15
NEXT UP: Barton Springs swim tonight, aiming for 10-lengths, sub 45-mins.
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