That will do nicely

So, my training is going well, even though it's a short calendar month I expect to finish with higher total mileage this month than any time in the last 3-years. The total mileage will only be just short of last June when I did a week long bike tour averaging 65-miles per day, so that doesn't count. Goes to show what admitting you are a weekend warrior on your blog does for you ;-)

Last night I definitely had my best swim since I was in training for Alcatraz back in, I think, 2002. I still need to work on my speed, but my endurance is coming back. I arrived at Barton Springs at 6pm'ish, I think I walked in ahead of trichellee but since we've never met, it was only when I was about to get in, a wetsuit clad swimmer said hello to her. I did my normal 8-lengths, 4-down and back, in 37:10, thats 30-seconds faster than any other time this year, I went on and did 10-lengths in a little over my 45-minute goal, and although I was tiring managed to pull through 12-lengths in 58:09. Feeling good.

Next up: 5k easy run tonight, Friday rest day(or easy swim), Saturday morning I'm doing the Texas Independence day 5k, Sunday and early bike if anyones interested, probably 50-miles, maybe 70 depending on who comes along and how early I start.
Good luck on Sunday as if you need it! Monday I have a 7 mile horseback ride and I'll be lucky I make it through it. My hat is off to you kid!