Pace Bend race crash pictures

There are a fantastic sequence of race crash pictures from last weekends Pace Bend race here in Texas. You can see from picture to picture the guys wheel crash, I hope that isn't alkaloids - I know he was racing and no updates this week! I hope everyone was ok, anyone got any details? You can select the first picture from here in the sequence on Flickr and then watch in single frame slow-mo. Fantastic photography, not so hot on the wheel!
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No that's not me (thank god). We had three big wrecks in our race. One at the start of the 4th (last) lap that hospitalized people (though I haven't heard about it) and that one (which happened about 200 yards from the finish) and then a third right at the finish line.

I kept the rubber side down the whole time, though early in the 4th lap I'd been pushed off the road by a rider (who then caused the wreck at the finish line, which has even more spectacular pictures) and was a bit spooked so didn't get off with this break. I may actually be in that picture way in the background, as I was just behind that group but not in it. It was terrifying.

So terrifying, in fact, that I signed up for all 4 Cat 5 races at Lago Vista this weekend. =) I'm kind of going back and forth as to whether or not I actually want to road race at all any more, but yeah. Dunno. It's dangerous, but fun...
also explains why I have never, and probably will never bike race. I worked too hard and long for my fitness, I don't want to do anything to risk another leg break!

Good luck at Lago Vista!

That's pretty amusing
that flickr account is owned by our neighbor.