Texas Independence Day 5k

I think thats a PR, after 9-years of training, racing and trying, but it doesn't count.

I arrived at the Bob Bullock State Museum at about 8.15am for the 9am off, parked in the underground parking lot and wandered out to collect my number and chip, only to find it was an un-timed "fun run" - I guess $25 for fun is a lot less than I've paid to see some dull concerts and poor food.

The "gun" went off literally at 9:01 am I was in the top 1/3rd, we sped off, zig-zagging around the Capital building until we were heading down congress, I guess at that point I was in the first 30. I was steady and somewhere in the 7.30-per mile pace, half way down congress the Garmin beeped, dam, I'd left it in auto-pause mode and since it couldn't pick up satellites between the buildings it assumed I'd stopped.

The Garmin was clearly confused, since I was either flying down Congress, or walking through walls. There are a couple of dead spots which would make the race around 5k

On the way back to the start I dropped maybe 10-places, but picked up 2, we turned onto 16th and I was starting to tire, I ran 66% of the race at 98% of max heart rate, with an average of 160bpm, and a max of 166.

Once I knew that the Garmin was "hosed" I didn't bother checking it while running. When I got to the finish line I stopped it, looked down and according to the watch I'd run 2.84-miles in 22:07. Loaded onto the computer this shows 2.94-miles, but is clearly wrong. And the time will be out for the two sets of dead spots.

So, that was potentially my fastest run since I was at High school and there is no accurate record. Oh well, I finished in the top-50 since I got one of the top-50 Independence Day caps. It was a fun, easy to take part in run. However, next year if they reverse the route and run up congress, it was my idea.

I found the race director after the race and suggested that running towards congress on the Texas Independence Day run, was much more significant that running away from it. Go figure, never short of a good idea.

Heading out on the bike now, I guess I need to sign up for next weeks Starflight 5k and get a timed race in.

Memo to self. Don't bother with the Garmin in City races, ie the CapTex Tri if I decide to do it.
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