triman (triman) wrote,

More wind - Big boy gone

They've given up with the Gorilla ot on Broadie, it's completely gone now. I didn't get out until late again and conscious of a long list of chores when I got home wasn't sure about the 70-mile ride. So when I got out to the I35 service road after Manchaca on fm 1626, I started to have 2nd thoughts.

I struggled along the service road, a couple of times I swear I felt big red jump sideways in the wind, the Zipp 808/404 wheels really are not so good in a cross wind. When I got to Buda, again I decided to cut the ride short. Rather than duplicate last week, ride into Buda, sit around for 10-mins, get on bike and continue to struggle, this week I decided to go hard back, as hard as I could all the way back.

Worked out just fine too, with the wind directly at my back in a couple of places I was flying along. Of fm 1626 back onto Broadie and I was really working hard, looking at my Garmin data, the uphill on the frontage rd was the hardest, but only just, about halfway between fm1626 and Slaughter on Broadie my HR hit 159 and I was doing 39 on the flat. Good sprint practice.

When I got back, rather than my usual brick-run, I headed down S 1st and on the North side of the trail and did a 4-mile run. Not much spring in my legs, but I did it. My longest brick this year.

Interesting stats:
Cycle out 23-miles, 1:33
Cycle back 17-miles 50-mins - rocking 20MPH average.
Total cycling miles 41, running miles 3.90, AVG HR 120BPM
Tags: cycling, training
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