triman (triman) wrote,

Racing days

I just spent 30-mins registering for my next batch of races, frustrated to find they canceled the Austin Cactus Challenge because of lack of registrations, I certainly didn't get an email encouraging me to register... and had planned to do it today. So, now I need another Olympic distance race for 2008.

Here is what I'm doing for the first half of 2008, it's definitely a need for speed year...

2nd Feb    Mardi Gras 5k, Austin - result 24:34  
1st March Texas Independence Day 5k(9am) 22:16(unofficial)
8th March STAR Flight 5k
29th March Lone Star Triathlon Sprint Triathlon
30th March Lone Star Triathlon Half Iron Aquabike
13th April Texas State Sprint triathlon
10th May The Rookie triathlon

26th April Texas Round-up 10k
3rd May  Austin to Shiner ride(90-mile ride)
25th May Capital of Texas triathlon(sprint/Olympic)

I'll reconsider the rest of the year once I get my fitted, built-up running shoe and depending on how that works out. I'm hoping that it will be a big improvement, and I'll be able to do a 10k in April and then will do the CapTex tri as Olympic distance.
Tags: 2008, races
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