February totals

My highest monthly totals since spring 2005, with the exception of June 2007 when I did 567-bike only miles as I was on a cycling vacation.

Run: 7 runs, 26.84-miles, 3:54:01, AVG Pace 8:43, AVG HR 136
Swim: 8 swims, 9:46-miles, 4:28:56, AVG Pace 28:20
Bike: 10-rides, 293-miles, 14:32:05, AVG MPH 20.2, AVG HR 122

Totals: 330.02-miles, 22-hours 55-minutes, 25-seconds

Going back to Stacy tonight, love or will she be a bit cold? Easy Run Tuesday, bike in/home Wednesday; Thursday swim, Friday day off, Star Flight 5k Saturday at Zilker Park, my first repeat race since moving to Austin, Sunday long ride, must get out early!