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So, in an op.ed piece 1-month ago I wondered what was up with the BTA elite championships.

Well now we know, after lots of shuffling the news is now announced that Liverpool will host the championships on September 5th in the Liverpool docks. Liverpool is probably smarting from the success of the Salford ITU World Cup race and Commonwealth Games Triathlon held down the road in Greater Manchester.

What makes this race interesting is not that its just another race, another place on the treadmill of elite triathlon, but that it is the first major race after the Olympics. There is no discussion of prize money in any of the press items I've seen, so its not clear that they'll be anything other than GB elites competing. However, with a fair wind in Athens hopefully the'll be at least a couple of medal winners on display.

Claire Oliver writing in the Liverpool Daily Post gets a some interesting quottes inthis piece but gets a little carried away when she says "a world class field of triathletes will descend on the city" - well at least the top GB Athletes. But the rest of the article is, err, little more than a piece of fluff for the triathlon organisers, Nova International [no not the brass instrument company].

Liverpool is of course the European Capital of Culture in 2008 and one of the cities it beat was Newcastle. In her piece, Claire interviews well known geordie Brendan Foster about Liverpool and the triathlon. Its worth remembering:

Brendan Foster is founder and Managing Director of Nova International; Nova International are organisers of the BTA Elite Triathlon Champs; Brendan is a BBC Commentator; BBC are covering the BTA Elite Triathlon on Grandstand.

So when Claire reports Brendan as saying that Liverpool had the better bid for the Capital of Culture and the people were nicer, he must have meant it. Of course, one can only wonder what would happen now if Liverpool put a bid in for the 2009 Ryder Cup, that Nova International are bidding to host in the North East, which according to MD Brendan Foster isn't as good as Liverpool.

As You Sew, So Shall You reap…

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27/8/04 Update.My observations were also picked up by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle in this article. Brendan Foster denies making the remark.
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