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Shoe build-up

So, I'm having two shoes built-up with a view to saving my knees from further damage and stress while running. One is being done through Hangar Prosthetics and insurance, the other by Bill Stone at RunTex and I'm paying for.

I went to pick up the shoe from Hanger today, the RunTex Asics shoes are not even in yet, so it will be a while before they are ready. I originally saw Richard at Hangar, he was very much a practical sort of guy. He said just buy a cheap shoe from WalMart, we'll build it up so you can continue to use your orthotic and see how it goes.

Turns out Richard quit and has been replaced by Hailey. She did the work "blind" from Richard fitting measurements and I collected the shoe this morning. It has no flex at all in the sole, the additional 3/4-inch sole is welded, glued straight on the bottom of the old shoe, so I'm not sure how it will be on wet pavement as it is completely smooth. The shoe is HEAVY. The cheap WalMart runners were heavy to start with, and this weighs a full 1.3lbs on its own.

However, that said it did feel easier when I ran in the corridor at the fitting today. I'm not going to really start running with it until I get back from Peru, I want to get the Lone Star race out of the way first. That will give me a full month to get used to it before the Rookie triathlon, and maybe I'll have the RunTex Asics modified by then as well! You can click on the picture to get a better view.
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