triman (triman) wrote,

BTA Cattle Prod Big Cow

[I'm always up for transparency, so I'll declare a personal interest in this one.]

When local triathletes Mark Booth, Jason Noon and others started Big Cow, triathlon, duathlon race organisers they made a big impact of the UK triathlon scene by scatter gunning the race calender, races here, races there, races every bloody where. This effected yours truly and our little club triathlon as Big Cow had a pool based sprint triathlon on the same day, little over 20-miles away.

Having carefully worked around other local big events such as Bedford, Cambridge and the National Relays to make sure that club athletes could race in some of the best events and that novices and triathletes alike would be able to compete in the club event, I was more than a little miffed to see Big Cow coming in on the same day. c'est la vie. We moved our event to August 1st, to pick-up those that could not get in at the London Triathlon which is the same weekend.

So, it was with some satisfaction that this morning I read confirmation on the BTA website that the BTA have pulled the National Age Group Duathlon champs from one of the Big Cow events and moved it to Swansea to run in conjunction with the European Duathlon Championships.

No one deserves to get messed around by the roller coaster that is the BTA, and I hope this doesn't cause the Big Cow team any financial problems as I'd actually like them to succeed, but I couldn't help smiling neveer the less. Here is a to better 2005 race calender.

[Cannons St Albans triathlon event details]
[BTA web site]
[Big Cow web site]
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