triman (triman) wrote,

I am the global pandemic

So my race Saturday went badly from the cold, that wasn't half the problem. Tuesday I had jabs for Hep A and Hep B, and typhoid. My immune system was probably struggling to keep up the invasions and going swimming late that night outdoors at Stacy Pool, getting cold afterwards, probably didn't help.

As if that wasn't enough, Friday at 4pm I went and had a Yellow Fever jab, which is a live virus, the form I signed asked "Do you have a fever?" - nah, just a simple headcold. And then I wonder why I was sick at Saturdays race and felt really awful Saturday evening through mid-afternoon today, I still don't feel great.

Tuesday I'm traveling, hopefully I won't cause an outbreak of any of the above. Makes you wonder, perhaps I should get some kind of medical mask... freeky
Tags: illness
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