Good, the bad and the ugly - Heathrow T3

I arrived back in the UK late last night. When you arrive at Heathrow T3 late in the evening, it's a dismal place, everything is closed, most people have gone, you can see how scruffy the place is. Contrasted with the hundreds of $millions they've spend on the outside of T3, to make it look modern, thats just lipstick on a pig though.

According to a number of documents returned in this google search, there are no plans to demolish T3 once the new T5 is open, apparently they are going to move all the non-BA OneWorld carriers to T3 from the various terminals they currently operate out of. So, thats alright then. [London] Heathrow has been described as the only building site to have its own airport.

Besides which, there is little for transport options, I'd elected to rent a car, more on this shortly, but if you are in late, the "tube(underground) and The Heathrow Express both stop running, so it's car or bust(I guess bus might be an option..).