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Colney Fox - Three for three

click for a bigger version of the pictureIn my quest to strike out, it didn't take long. There was the state of Heathrow, the Human Factors of the Renault and yes, the most expensive per square foot hotel room I ever stayed in.

I don't mind paying for quality, I enjoy value. I've stayed at the Colney Fox in London Colney before. It's a decent location, there are a couple of runs nearby, the University of Hertfordshire and the Next Generation clubs at Hatfield both have pools and it's near Wendy, Oli and now Lauren, so I can see them. I seemed to remember though that last time I stayed here, I wasn't that impressed. It's a decent size English pub. It's been here many years, Wendy and I came here when we were dating, or perhaps engaged, I remember waiting for services in the Restaurant so long, I unpicked one of the straw table mats and laid it pack in its place. But it's changed hands/owners/management many times since then, the food is good, as a pub it's light, airy and since the smoking ban, a pretty pleasant place to while away a few hours.

However, I'm up in room 6(no late night calls please!). I paid £182 or nearly $400 US Dollars for 3-nights. This IS the smallest room I've ever had, it only has 4-coat-hangers, one of them broken; no draws to put clothes in; there is barely enough room between the end of the bed and the desk to get on the chair; there is absolutely no where to put my suitcase; wireless internet access is via "the cloud" and is £9.99/$20 per 24-hour period; you have to use a credit card to activate the phone to make 0800/1-800 calls; no iron or ironing board, etc.

When the sun came out this afternoon, I looked up and spotted a long spiders web/trail glistening in the sun between the lampshade and the slightly grubby curtain pelmet, then when I started to look I noticed how the rest of it was either warn, grubby, moldy or just yuk. Shame, next time I'll be staying somewhere else, $400 isn't cheap by anyones standards, at half the price I'd have been miffed. If was here for anymount of time I'd go ask for a new room... but I'm booked pretty much early to late and leave Saturday.

Shower anyone?
Tags: colneyfox, hotels, travel, uk
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