triman (triman) wrote,

All good things come to an end...

Not just yet, but sooner than expected.  When I booked my trip I was advised by the Embassy that the turn-around for new Visas was a minimum of six days. So I was surprised when my Mum txt'd me today to say my passport had just been delivered by courier. Thats a day for the visa, and a day for delivery. Very impressive.

So, some quick re-organization and I'm  all set to return to Austin on Tuesday and I get to have breakfast with my eldest, Ella.

Today has been a good day. I was up early and out to the Herts Sports Village to swim in their deck-level, 25m pool. 1.5-miles in just under the hour. I still can't work out why they only divide it up into double wide lanes and sigh for clock or counter clock laps, but I enjoyed my swim.

Back to the Colney Fox, and to be fair, I forgot to mention, they do a good cold breakfast buffet included in the room rate. I had breakfast and then worked in my room until mid-afternoon. After a few conference calls, it really is impressive that I can take a conference call on my AT&T/HTC 8525 phone, while at the same time being connected from my laptop to the phone via Bluetooth and being using the Internet via the phone. Amazing piece of technology.

I went over to M&S at Savacentre. Ok, I admit it, it's not fashion central, but I got a nice new dog-tooth grey 2-piece suit, 3-pairs of trousers for work and an interesting top. After that I worked out of Borders/Starbucks until I post this then I'm off to dinner. In the morning I have a long run with an old friend, Trace and then I'm heading to see Mum and Dad!
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