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Prep and Taper week

Well this week hasn't been ideal and it will be going down to the wire to get to Galveston.

I managed to get an easy run in Tuesday evening, an easy swim last night at Barton Springs and thats about it for this week. Unfortunately and unplanned, my March totals are pretty much down on February by all counts, number of session, duration and distance. Friday will be frantic, I have meetings here in Austin until 5.15pm and then have to drive to Galveston, not perfect timing! I doubt very much if I'll get into Galveston much before 10.30pm and I have to be in transition by 7am latest.

On the other hand, I'm feeling pretty relaxed about the race and have the long w/e in Galveston to think through some of the recent things that have happened, and some of the big upcoming trips and decisions I have to make. For Saturdays sprint I will be going 'balls-out. There are a ton of people in my age group and my swimming isn't anywhere near what I've have liked, 27-min mile, but I'm hopeful if everything goes right, when I get off the bike I'll be able to PR a 5k triathlon run.

I'm in Wave 5 for the sprint, Males 50+ and Clydesdales. I'm age group this year, no more of this Clydesdale stuff. So my plan will be to keep ahead of all the women(who don't start until Wave 6) and pass as many men as I can before the run and then see if I can get anything near 26-mins for the 5k.

So, hopefully it won't be too windy, and here, despite last years dismal predictions are my hopes for the Sprint.
.3 Mile swim - (modest) 10:00 (including careful back of pack start)
12.5 mile bike - (over ambitious) 34-mins
5k run - ('balls-out) 26-mins

With a 3-mins total for transitions that gives a total time of 1:13 - Which bizarrely would place me 2nd in the age group from last years results.  Lets see how over optimistic that time turns out to be ;-)

Then on Sunday I'm aquabiking for the first time ever over the half distance course. I really have no expectations for this, I'm going to take the swim easy and gun the bike, trying to get near to my 2:47 from the Longhorn triathlon of last year.

If anyone wants to follow along with developments from the weekend, I'm going to try to do something I thought about last year. I've set up a twitter account, and will post updates on there, you can watch via the web or even SMS if you use twitter, if not you can sign up here.

If you are on twitter you can submit a follow + lonestar2008 and then your tweets will show up on the web and others will be able to see them. You can also send txts to the normal twitter numbers. I'll try and post details on those I know are racing, if you want to reply via twitter with race numbers or names, I'll do my best to post what I see. I know whyiron and alkaloids are racing.
Tags: lonestar, races, triathlon
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