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Join the Twitterarty for Lone Star 2008

So, for a bit of fun and an experiment I took time last night to set up a Twitter event for the Lone Star triathlon 2008 event w/e. Twitter is a micro-blogging web site, I've been using it for a couple of years with a bunch of other tech folks that keep in touch. You can view and update via a web site, or via TXT/SMS messages. If you subscribe via TXT/SMS you'll get a txt whenever any updates are posted.

Anyone can watch via the web, I'll post updates when I can at:

If you want to sign-up for twitter and then either send a TXT/SMS to Twitter with FOLLOW LONESTAR2008 then any later txts you send, or updates from the web will also be seen on the page. You can switch TXT/SMS msgs on/off at anytime by just sending OFF or ON to twitter.

I'll post any results or news that I see, bare in mind I'm actually racing both days, so news will be non-existent while I'm out on the course, taking the Garmin is one thing, TXTing while on the bike or run is another! People attending the race who want to keep in touch, meet up etc. are welcome to post updates as well!

Go to and select the follow button or TXT FOLLOW LONESTAR2008 to:
  • 40404 for US followers
  • 21212 for Canadian followers
  • +44 762 4801423 for all other international followers
It's just a test for me, might be useful for bigger races like IM etc. Once the event is over, unless anyone wants them kept I'll delete the account!
Tags: lonestar2008, races, twitter
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