It's a whole new experience

In the UK, you can pretty much drive to any event if you get up early enough, if you drive the day before its pretty easy to get back after the race. So, even when taking the car it's not a big deal.

On the other hand, I've raced overseas at many races, I've raced in America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and on. The big deal about traveling overseas, especially by plane, is that you can only take a limited amount of stuff, whatever you could get in a bike box and one suitcase.

So today I had some late Friday business meetings, so I packed up the truck with wheels in bags, bike, race stuff, track pump, spare tyres etc. Then I started to think about the weekend, I had two races, so thats two sets of race gear. Then there was the question of the wetsuit, won't need it for the sprint, but might for the half. Then there was the question of food, packed six Cliff bars, six Powerbar Gels; then there were bottles, two small bottles for the sprint, two large bottles for the half and a couple of bottles for before and recovery.

Then there was the weekend, I need different sets of clothes. Oh and since I was going to stay until the pro finish, I might as well take a chair. Oh and then I'll be driving for a few hours, might as well take some food and some drinks. By the time I was done there was barely any room left in the truck :-)
I arrived in Galveston at 9:45pm, off to bed now.

Will be posting updates via twitter
Love the Flag!! *cheering*

The truck looks perfect for the needs of this race.

Go Get Em!
It's good you brought an SUV
there's no way that Union Jack would have fit in your merc! :P