Lone Star Sprint

I had a thoroughly good race today. I was calm, ready and organized well before the race.

The start was in the water, and I lined up pretty much towards the back of the 50+/Clydesdale wave. When the gun went I struggled for the first few mins to find clear water, and then settled in, at one point I got kicked and my left arm badly jarred, I was just about to start the pull when the guy in front kicked up. However, I pushed on and before I knew it the 500m swim was turning left at the last bouy.

I figured I was probably in the top-15 or so. There were maybe 40 in the wave, so that did it for me. However, it turned out I was 5th out of the swim, and 3rd in my age group, swim time 10:52:49.  I had a great run up to and out of T1, 1:26:00, easily 30-seconds faster than 2nd in my age group.

Out on the bike I was easily into my shoes, and soon cranking out 19MPH, once I got my breath, I was up to 22MPH and then 25MPH, I was struggling to hold this though and dropped back a bit as we approached the turn around, two people from my age gtroup had passed me, at that point I thought I was not in the top-10, then I heard the distinct "swoosh, swoosh" of a disc wheel, it was Simon Lessing along for the ride, we exchanged a few words and I sped up and left him behind at the turn, he soon passed me on the way back. On the way back I had a harder time keeping above 20MPH, I thought I was fading but talking to whyiron and Andrea Fisher after, they both mentioned the wind, funny I didn't notice it. Bike time 36:46 and average MPH of 20.4 - should have done better though, have been faster over half-iron distance bike.

Coming into T2 I was in perfect shape, I was out in just 55-seconds, again a clear 20-seconds ahead of 2nd place in my age group, I am the transition king, except Mike Lovato and the other top-2 pro's beat me in all transitions :-)

I was surprised how good I felt out on the run, and pushed on, I was clear through mile-1 before I got overtaken by anyone in my age group, and I was only passed by one other. I didn;t push as hard as I should over the last 1/2 mile, and when I found out I was 7th in my age group, I could have kciked myself, I could have been 5th, maybe better.

My run time was 26:03, so the fastest 5k in a triathlon for me, just 3-seconds slower than predicted. Overall a great race, pretty good on the predictions. Overall I should have gone a bit faster on the swim, and definitely faster on the bike, but the winners time were good. 1st 1:09:59, 2nd 1:13:22, 3rd 1:14:21 - was within 20-seconds of 4th place.

Texas Iron did great in the race, getting loads of podium paces. @whyiron came 3rd in the 45-49 age group, his first ever trophy, see the picture!

Next up, Lone Star 2008 Half-Iron distance swim/bike aka Aquabike
Excellent Times.
Weather looks fine.
Be sure & pick up your Crown & Sceptre as the new King of Transition!! =)