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Travelling to Peru

Its inevitable, no matter how planned and how much time I have to get to the airport I'm always later than I planned and today was no exception.

The good news is we were still at Austin Bergstrom with an hour before take-off. After check-in we bumped into a colleague, Bob Kalka, who I hadn't seen for years. It's not surprising to see someone from IBM at the airport, but it was amazing to find Bob was traveling on the exact same flights to Lima, Peru. He was going on business then onto Bogata Columbia and back to Texas on Friday. Wow, that's mad travel.

The flight to Dallas and from Dallas to Miami were uneventful. The flight to Lima was delayed and hour though while they tried to find a lost passengers luggage.

I'm really not sure what sort of plane it was but it was weird for an American flight, the safety booklet said it was an A300. Surely not an Airbus?

I have to admit I really don't enjoy overnight flights and this was no different. Despite having a massive exit row space, I really didn't get any deep sleep.

Arrival into Peru airport was about 45-Mins late and then there were jet bridge problems, After all the messing about 2-hrs late.

All the guide books insist only taking an official cab from the cab rank, which we did. However, the driver seemed to be the sort of 'shark' we were trying to avoid. He took us to another hotel as he claimed it was nicer and then didn't even know, or at least pretended not to know where ours was.

After asking directions, he dropped us off and insisted on payment in US Dollars, I was just past arguing after 15-hours of traveling.

Inside of the hotel, our room wasn't ready, they asked to wait 30-mins, fortunately after about 15-mins we were offered an alternate room, which we accepted.
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