Day 1 exploring Lima

Today was one of those laid back 'getting to know you days' wandering around Lima. First up now we had the hotel room it was time to rest up for a few hours and then clean-up.

After that, it was time for a late lunch, down to one of the main squares, the traffic was manic, smelly and noisy. As there is no chance to drive fast, its seems to be a local obsession to honk as soon as the traffic lights change and at the start of every maneuver.

After lunch it was a slow meander down towards the water and the beach. We got to the park and what is claimed to be the most modern shopping center in Peru. It's on a cliff about 500ft up and overlooking the sea. The sea looks rough and beside a dozen or so surfers there was no sight of anyone else, not for me either.

Three things struck me wandering around Lima. 1. There are armed cops and security guards everywhere, also people cleaning the streets. 2. Something I'd never seen anywhere else, money changers on the street. Apparently it stems from the old days when everyone used to accept foreign currency, aka US Dollars, now though the euro is more popular, although places will still qoute prices in USD. The Peruvians are not so hot on the USD as it has lost 1/5th its value in the last year. 3. As smelly and noisy the traffic is, and it REALLY is, it would be much, much worse if every 10th vehicle wasn't a mini-bus packed to the gills with people.
From Peru Trip

From Peru Trip

In the evening it was dinner at El Senorio del Sulco - it was a very unusual restaurant , out in the north west of town near the sea.

The day ended as it started, with a cab ride into town. Unlike the start of the day, the driver knew where he was going, got there quickly and accepted the local Sols for payment The trick with cabs seems to be to agree the fare before getting in. There is never a meter in the car.
El Senorio del Sulco's food looks absolutely amazing! My mouth is literally watering over their menu.

Sounds like the Views & the Food are worth all the terrifying cab rides. *lol* ;)