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Day 2 - Lima tours day

Up and out early today, Limavision Tours sent a driver to take us to the meeting point for the Pacharamac Citadel tour. At the meeting point though there was a small a/c bus, a guide, a driver, and no one else. It was a personal tour.

We drove around by the beach, stopped in the suburb of Barranco, which was pretty, a small 'lovers' bridge, called the bridge of Sighs, an old church being restored and a 1-line tram service. From there it was out through the slums in south east Lima, and there were miles of them, quite a contrast.

Pachacamac was visually disappointing but an intellectual challenge. Some of it established up to 1000 yrs BC, and fought over until 1200Ad. Now though it was a mini-desert with the excavated bases of many buildings and walls in the middle of a green valley and the sea.
From Peru Trip

The guide couldn't answer if the stripping of trees for lumber and the passing of time had turned it into desert, or if they'd built there because they didn't have to clear the land. What was equally interesting was although the major mummified bodies had been removed, there was still plenty of evidence of human remains, with bones and vertebrae laying clearly in th sands, along with various swathes of rotting burial cloth.
From Peru Trip

Of the buildings, the moon temple was in the best shape. Hardly surprising since it was here that the women were selected for either sacrifice, to be a wife to the king or to serve. The shower areas through which they had to pass before entering were just a few feet away.

One other thing to note about Pachacamac, they had two of the ugliest, bald dogs I've ever seen.

Back in Lima for lunch, we decided to take a cab and go out to the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History, since it had variously been described as Peru's grandest museum. Housed in an old single story colonial mansion, it wasn't that grand. A series of small display cases and small rooms housed the exhibits, many of which were labeled copies or replica. I was left wondering if the west had plundered the rest!

A cab took us back to the coastal area of downtown Lima, we found bar to enjoy the sunset, take pictures and enjoy liqueur coffees. After an early dinner it was back to the hotel for early bed as we are back in the air in the morning.
From Peru Trip

2-days in Lima was enough, by the evening on the 2nd day the noise and smell from the traffic was overbearing, night from me, beep, beep.
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