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Athens Olympics - The fall of the rip-off empire?

So, irrespective of if they manage to get the stadiums finished or not the Greek Olympics have outdone Sydney and even the Atlanta games as rip-off city.

While the Greeks can't be blamed for the cost of getting to Athens for the Olympics, well probably, it seems the Greeks themselves have not only become the masters of charging too much, but also the land of the broken contract.

Yeah, I know, I'm too tight to part with the 400-quid/750 US Dollar airfare to fly there with "budget" airline Easyjet, and am still looking for a cheap alternative. Train from Germany looks quickest. The latest gossip that has reached me is that the GB Triathlon and sailing squads completely booked up a small resort near the sailing and Tri start location 2-years ago, even then it cost them 500,000 UK Pounds, or 900k US Dollars. Outrageous really. Well the news is the owners have come back and increased the price, not by a little bit, they've doubled it!

Meanwhile, lots of people that have tickets for events cannot find anywhere to stay. The Greeks seem to require a minimum rental of 1-month to cover the games, and the average prices seem to be in the 6k US Dollar range.

So, while its unlikely the stadiums and streets will be empty during the Olympic tv coverage, its likely to be Greeks who are doing the watching. Which might of course be the plan. On the other hand how is this going help the Greek Government pay the billions of drachmas it has spent ?

The old Greek saying seems to apply: "The beginning is the half of every action"
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