Day 4 Saqsaywaman/Sacsayhuamán and other Inca ruins

Today was to be a day for exploring up in the mountains around Cusco. We were bused up to the ruins in Saxsaywaman park. Yes it is said almost how it reads. And yes, there seem to be at least three different spellings of it.

What struck me most about being 2.5 miles up in the air was how clear the air was. Mostly you've got to be impressed by the size of the stones, the number of them and just the enormity of the civilisations that were living up at these heights.

That said though, although our guide Jessie is excellent,I'm kinda over the guided, tour, the endless descriptions and am getting to the point of 'once you've seen one Inca ruin, you've seen them all'.

Tambomachay was different though, easily the highest ruin we visited, with over 2000 burial caverns, the most impressive thing was the massive(8ft high, 10ft wide) tiered terraces, 100 or more, cut into the sides of the mountain. Originally the were used to grow various things, me I could imagine it as stadium seating for the Incas to watch giant dinosaurs fighting and racing through the valleys below.

For lunch we headed to Pisac village, an 'artisans' village with a large Andian market. We had lunch Misky Mijuna Wasi, a small restaurant on the square with two tables outside.we bagged one, I had fried trout pieces and fried yucca, Cassidy had a whole Trout with sauce. It would have been a great lunch if it wasn't for the begging children and the flea bitten dogs.