Day 5 - Running, and almost swimming

I got out for a run at 6.30am this morning, I ran out through the main square, down to the main airport road, turned around where 2-major roads met and headed back up to the main square and past the hotel up into the foothills.

Going back into town was a slight uphill gradient, I was glad for the break at each and every junction. I jogged up a dead end street with a set of large steps at the end. I just couldn't run up the steps, I walked.

Up at the top, was the outdoor swimming pool I'd been told about. It was a =
3-lane, 20m pool complete with starting blocks, it hadn't had any water in it for a few years though..
From Peru Trip

Run back to the hotel behind one of the local boys soccer teams, all kitted up ready to play in a Sunday game.

Stats- 2.5 mile run, lots of stops, glad to get out on my own.

And now we know where the phrase
better look before you leap came from :P