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Day 7 - ending, trains, fashion shows and Cusco again

Having completed my 'climb' and got back to the entrance at Machupicchu in less than 90-mins, I waited around to see if I could find Cassidy, no luck so I left on the next bus.

After regrouping down in Agua Calientes, we boarded the train for the ride back to Ollantaytambo, to collect luggage from Hotel Sauce and for the van ride back to Cusco.

The one thing that struck me on the way out to Machupicchu was how young, good looking and good shape the staff were. On the way back it became obvious why. The train meanders along the river, following the Inca trail. It's a single track rail with passing places and never reaches anything resembling speed. Hence picking up the van in Ollantaytambo, is much quicker to drive than take the train all the way to Cusco.

However the trip from Aguas Calientes in stunning, the train carriages have skylight wndows, and you can sit back, head-up and watch the mountains pass by. Peru trains provides a complimentary packed lunch, nothing major but a couple of rolls, a pastry, a hand wipe and a small drink, all in a box.

After the lunch box clear-up, it was time for the entertainment, first up one of the staff in traditional custume did a dance up and down the isles, we had something similar on the way there, so I wasn't surprised, next up though we had a fashion show, with female and male staff members modelling Alpaca wool tops, including some off the shoulder numbers for the gals. Cute but expensive, $80 and up.

Back in Ollantaytambo we were met by our driver and driven back to the Hotel Sauce where some members of the group collected luggage, we had welcome bathroom break and were able to stock up on water. We then drove back to Cusco via the obligatory craft stop, this timke though I actually bought something, a set of small clay based esspresso cups decorated in traditional Andean/inca style.

Back in Cusco we met up in the lobby of the same hotel we'd stayed in before, we got the same room we'd stayed in before and we couldn't sleep just like before and we went out across the Plaza de Armas to a restaurant on th 2nd floor, directly opposite the Cathederal, called I think, Tunkara or something similar. It had a great buffet, traditional live music and dance show
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