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Day 8 - Lima redux and travel day

Once again I couldn't sleep at the hotel Del Prado in Cusco, I couldn't put my finger on it, small double bed, strange air, heavy blankets, noisy including disco until 3am. Anyway, I got up at 5.30, walked across the Plaza des armas and got cash from the ATM and went back and checked on email, flights, Livejournal friends and had a coffee. Before I knew it we were on the bus and in Cusco airport.

We had a long check-in as for some reason Cassidy and I were not sitting together, after some delay though we were given new exit row seats, sweet. I'd already got exit row seats on the three AA flights or so I thought.

Back in Lima some of our group decided to stay at the airport for 9-or-so hours until their flight home, we checked luggage in the left luggage office just outside domestic arrivals, 14-sols each as we were more that 4-hours. Unlike arrival in Lima the first time, where we 'religiously' ignored the dozens of 'taxi' offers and marched outside to the official rank, only to get a crap driver and ripped off, this time I accepted the first offer from a driver with an 'official' Green zone badge, we agreed the 45-Sol fare and when he came back with the car, we jumped in and were off.

45-minutes later we were stuck in the choking smog and downtown traffic jams of Lima. Once we were comfortable we knew were we were, I thrust a 50-Sol bill at the driver and we jumped out. Lunch at one of the open restaurants at Park Kennedy, last minute gift shopping, a Caramel Frappacino light and cake from, yes, Starbucks and then out to the beach head to watch the sun go down, and it was time to jump in a cab and go back to the airport

Back at the airport, we collected our luggage and headed for AA check-in, there we learned that AA had cancelled some 900 flights and our flight from Miami to Dallas was one of them. Some 55-mins later we were set with a flight to Huston and then a Continental flight to Austin, we are just about to land at Houston Bush as I type, literally. We have 4-hours here and should be back in Austin mid afternoon.

NEXT-UP What the Mayor of Lima needs to do to get me to EVER go back plus, my ideal trip to Machupicchu and Peru.
Tags: peru2008
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