Texas State Sprint Triathlon - DNS

Well for the first time in 9-years of triathlon, I didn't even show up for registration. I was really looking forward to this race, but it looks like I picked up a stomach bug in my last day in Peru, every time I eat something after Friday afternoon I got violent stomach cramps, followed shortly afterwards by an emergency evacuation.

I'm feeling a bit better today and hopeful that I'll make the Pure Austin North swim/run on Tuesday evening.
That's rough, sorry to hear that. Yeah I did pretty well, as did the rest of Team Hump. Billy beat me by about 10 seconds (he says he thinks it was like 20 so maybe it was). He took 3rd overall and I was 5th. We were both #1 in our AG's. Our other buddies AdamO and Adam Reardon were 2nd in 20-24 and Clydes respectively, and Jen was 1st woman overall. Holy moly domination by Team Hump. =) Missed you there, hope you feel better soon.

I'll see you at the splash and dash I hope.
Sorry to hear your feeling rough and that you had to pull out but it was the best decision - as we say in diving 'the waters always going to be there' you can do it another day. Hope you get better soon.
Thanks, I'm feeling better but not better, its turning out to be a great weightloss program, but not the sort I'd advise...