Negative to Positive

I've posted a new profile picture, and it signals time for a change of mind and attitude. If I tell myself enough I'm a winner, I will be, at least in my own mind! I rarely do the winners solute when crossing the line, mostly because I'm often too tired to raise my arms ;-)

Last week having pretty much raced a Peruvian teenager to the top of Wanupicchu, he did the solute when I took his picture and encouraged me to do the same, which I finally did. Compare the original picture with the picture at the bottom of this post!

I'm feeling better today and hopefully I've seen the last of my problems since getting back from Peru. I enjoyed last nights Pure Austin North Splash and Dash, but would have rather taken part than helped out. Must get fit for the next.  I had a interesting chat with alkaloids and am definitely envious of his next trip, but need to get focussed on getting fit again.

I've been thinking about how to get my training back on track for my A-race, and decided that I need to skip the base recovery and just work on speed now. My A-race is little over 7-weeks, and I know I won't be training or racing the weekend before. Since it's only a sprint race, I should forget the base, hope I've already got enough in the tank and work on speed, speed, and err, speed now. Thats what comes of having a night to sleep on it. Hopefully late this afternoon I'll be ok enough to put my first serious run in in 3-weeks!
I love the Celebration Salute! Great Icon!

Hopefully your training is getting back on track. Not too many things better in this life for your overall health & wellbeing than some decent sleep. *nods*