Record Store Day this Saturday! See/Hear!!

Yeah, it's Record Store Day tomorrow; if you have a spare 30-mins, pop into your local record store, not a big box store, or Amazon, iTunes etc. Record stores are as important to the music scene as Bike shops are to cycling.

Some of the most influential musicians grew-up listening to music to the local store played by a knowledgeable "grovie", the sort of music they'd have never heard at home, online, on TV etc. and it influenced them to experiment with style. I've always been a record store junkie, well at least as long ago as 1968. I worked for Tony Clifford, owner of Hearsay records in Hemel Hempstead in the UK, in a number of ways in the 70's. Tony was a great businessman in the style of Fagin, he had though a great talent to sport unique music.

At least for part of Saturday I'm going to hang out at End of an Ear on S1st here in Austin, listen to a few of the staff selections, buy a few CD's, They have a bunch of giveaways and two bands playing. 2pm - The Shackeltons ; 6pm - Nic Armstrong

The shackeltons will be doing a live recording for KUT and appearing at the Beauty Bar on the 21st, and they are free at end of an ear. Nic Armstrong is a fellow Brit' living here in Austin. He's toured with some of my favorites including Paul Weller. He's in the middle of a ton of local concerts including Emo's and the Continental Club tonight, see him for free at End of Ear!

Support your LBS, support your LRS!  - See you there!

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