Austin to Shiner GASP Ride (share??)

Registration for the Austin to Shiner GASP ride 2008 goes up from $40 to $45 on the 20th, and all entries have to be in by 25th for bus rides back. I missed out on the ride last year 'cause I didn't get organized early enough.

Anyone thinking of doing it this year and want to take a car down the day before that can bring you, me and our bikes back to Austin ?? I'm happy to drive down and back the day before to drop off your car. Mine won't take two bikes and I have no rack.

Otherwise I need to register for the bus ride back. Let me know, email, txt(include your number), or post here.

Official Registration here.
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that would be great, thank you. i'd happily give you the 25 USD bus fare. I'll go ahead and register.