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Training and racing update

And so it was having decided to focus on speed I got out last night for my first run since Peru and the sickness, I made it to the Mopac bridge in 26' 10", my legs didn't feel great, but my breathing was easy, so if nothing else the Peru trip did make me a little more efficient and hopefully after stretching and a bitr more recovery and some interval sessions, I'll be back where I was. I have not really run that route since February, but I was 2-mins quicker today than then, total mileage 6.25.

I've entered my A-race and managed to get the flights to the UK on mileage, for some strange reason I decided in the end to go for the Standard/Olympic distance at the CapTex triathlon, that leaves my race season looking like this:

4/26/08    Texas Round-up 10k - only the 5k
4/27/08    Texas School for the deaf triathlon - Volunteer!
5/3/08    Austin to Shiner ride(90-mile ride)
5/10/08    The Rookie triathlon
5/18/08    Bagelfest 5k
5/25/08    Capital of Texas triathlon(Olympic)
6/8/08    St Albans Triathlon(sprint) UK
7/13/08     Couples Triathlon

I need to find another race or bike ride towards the end of June, and that will fill out the first half of the year and then I will switch my training towards doing the Longhorn 70.3 in November, work permitting. Thanks to anetmarie for reminding me to do this by posting her humongous list!
Tags: racing, training
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