Training and racing update

And so it was having decided to focus on speed I got out last night for my first run since Peru and the sickness, I made it to the Mopac bridge in 26' 10", my legs didn't feel great, but my breathing was easy, so if nothing else the Peru trip did make me a little more efficient and hopefully after stretching and a bitr more recovery and some interval sessions, I'll be back where I was. I have not really run that route since February, but I was 2-mins quicker today than then, total mileage 6.25.

I've entered my A-race and managed to get the flights to the UK on mileage, for some strange reason I decided in the end to go for the Standard/Olympic distance at the CapTex triathlon, that leaves my race season looking like this:

4/26/08    Texas Round-up 10k - only the 5k
4/27/08    Texas School for the deaf triathlon - Volunteer!
5/3/08    Austin to Shiner ride(90-mile ride)
5/10/08    The Rookie triathlon
5/18/08    Bagelfest 5k
5/25/08    Capital of Texas triathlon(Olympic)
6/8/08    St Albans Triathlon(sprint) UK
7/13/08     Couples Triathlon

I need to find another race or bike ride towards the end of June, and that will fill out the first half of the year and then I will switch my training towards doing the Longhorn 70.3 in November, work permitting. Thanks to anetmarie for reminding me to do this by posting her humongous list!
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Awesome. I'll be doing almost all those races, too. Fancy that. =)

I'll actually probably not be running the Texas Round-up, but I'll be volunteering at the Ranger tri, then I'll definitely be doing the shiner ride with the rest of Team Hump, and then the Rookie is gonna be HUGE, but I hadn't planned on the Bagelfest 5k. CapTex though, obviously, then couples with Derek. We're definitely going for the overall win, there.

June 8th I'll actually be riding my bike somewhere in the south of France, but that's awesome to hear you're gonna do that race for sure. Sounds like a blast. =) You'd better win, traveling that far...
What are you guys doing for the Shiner ride? I really don't want to bus back, and Cassidy is away that w/e at a conference in San Antonio. I need to have a good run at the Texas round-up to convice myself I'm in shape to race.

Shame I used most of my vacation, otherwise I'd take a few days and come down and join you for a while...
ha ha!
I tried to be nice and put my list behind a lj-cut ;-)
Will hopefully see you at The Rookie!